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29 Apr


I am also working on a way to be able to start “Muggin” people, which is of course me bringing my mug and using it rather than the glass that is provided to drink from. Right now the only way I can make it look casual is if I went to bars acting drunk saying I don’t need a glass just fill the mug. The thought I had in my head was for me sitting at coffee shops drinking from my favorite mug, but I don’t want people to get the wrong impression from my actions.


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    hahahaha… you’re funny! You really love your mug. Lol this made my day. Thanks for sharing your funny story. Keep it up your mugging. Lol

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    You forgot to mention that everywhere we went, men would tell me I’m handsome (or rather, they would tell you, or your dad, in Mandarin Chinese, that I am a very handsome man.) WHY COULDN’T IT BE THE WOMEN SAYING THIS!?!?Surfing

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