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14 Mar

Almost warm enough

I don’t plan to be leaving Missouri this year but I have the Katy trail close to me and hope to get my bike out of storage next weekend.

07 Nov

2009 isn’t going to be a year I travel

Got too many things I have to stay and make sure I keep since the results of the USA election took away freedom for Americans. I am going to be happy to just not work any job with a taxable income and live out in the woods of Missouri till I see something I believe […]

29 Jun

Life In Review

I took a quote I got of John McCain and realized its also the best way to ride a bike especially with a trailer, “In the Navy, we often talk of the need to keep a “steady strain” on the lines between ships, to avoid a sudden jerk or movement that could easily snap the […]

28 Jun

Keeping busy

Since being stuck here just to take my landlord into court and the last 30 days of camping expenses I am filling out job applications now and going into a work program that the shelter provides to regain and maybe give me an edge on my finances. I figure that right before I get on […]

28 Jun

The landlord from hell

Of the 30 days my landlord legally has here in Missouri to return my deposit, the 28th of June is the last mailing day since the actual day 30 would be on a Sunday. I left the campsite and have moved into a shelter so I will be prepared to take him to court just […]

28 Jun

First major road problem

I bent both of my 26″ trailer rims when my trailer rolled into a ditch and have my original 20″ rims back on but I think they would of been messed up too if they were the ones I was using. Now I am also having trouble with the tongue of my trailer and am […]

30 May


I will leave my apartment tomorrow and be camping until I depart to get on the road

29 May

Almost ready to leave

Me after I just got done cutting my hair, since I can never get the back part right I had to shave my head after.

09 May

Not Bad, I got the tubes on easy and greased the trailer all in one evening. I still have everything stripped down from the winter, but I wanted to post some pics of how much better the trailer looks.

08 May

Just got the Call today that my Trailer Rims came in. I hope I will get the tubes on them before midnight tonight and have them on my trailer.

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