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29 Apr

Bike Trailer

I am in the middle of upgrading my trailer from factory 20″ rims to new 26″ rear mountain bike rims with carbon rod axles. They were supposed to be at another store and shipped to me, but the other store didn’t have them like they thought.

29 Apr


I am also working on a way to be able to start “Muggin” people, which is of course me bringing my mug and using it rather than the glass that is provided to drink from. Right now the only way I can make it look casual is if I went to bars acting drunk saying […]

29 Apr


Right now I am spending most of my time doing what I call “Cappin,” which is just me wearing a hat. Unless some tragic event occurs I will be “Cappin for McCain” until the end of the year.

29 Apr

Trail Books

I got my “Trail books” a few days ago and have mapped out my route in an Atlas for a backup copy, Though I have not yet decided for sure whether I am able to take the full 6,600 mile coast to coast route.

21 Apr


20 Apr OR The first one is the original and if the player don’t play they link you to the second site. Since I will be gone from my local radio station I wanted to bring them along.

19 Apr

George’s journey

A journey for politics, power, and global control. Forcing the world to make a place wherever needed for George to ride his bicycle and giving him the assumed right to travel long distances at any pace he desires.

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